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aesthetic training lancashireThe Aesthetic Training Company was set up by a medical professional, for medical professionals.


Founder; Julie Pawson has run a very successful aesthetics clinic in Lancashire since 2008. In that time, Julie has treated many patients.

Julie would treat patients for their first procedures, but Julie would also see patients who needed help after seeing non-medically qualified aesthetic traders.

Unfortunately the industry is not yet regulated, meaning anyone can pick up a set of needles and start injecting people from their salon, or even their front room.

The industry will one day change, but before then we believe medically qualified aesthetic practitioners should be more accessible.

At the Aesthetic Training Company, we only train medically qualified professionals, such as doctors, dentists, nurses and midwives.

We offer a range of aesthetic training courses, from Botox® foundation courses, to advanced Botox® training courses, dermal filler courses and more.

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